Rarely does one have such effortless and immediate access to a site teaming with aquatic life. Just a few meters off the shore you will experience Malawi’s renowned Cichlids in their natural splendour. Famed for their vivid and vibrant colours, the Islands are home to species unique not only to Lake Malawi, but many to these islands! Look out for the Blue Zebra species who we are named after.

The best sites depend on lake levels and the time of year. Snorkel equipment is free to use for offshore snorkelling. At an additional charge, snorkel trips can be arranged to Maleri and/or Nakantenga Islands.

Our dive season typically runs from May to November – this is when the visibility should be best (outside of the rainy season). Divers must have their PADI OW or equivalent certification. We may not always have a divemaster on site, so if you are interested in diving with us please enquire in advance.