Seasonal Scuba

Scuba - Seasonal & Over Set Packaged Weekends

Our scuba season: July to September. Pre-book to ensure that we have a divemaster available to guide you around the underwater world of the Marelli Islands.

With several dive spots dotted around the island, you are invited to delve below the surface and experience the extraordinary and seldom seen side of our ancient Lake. From experienced divers to beginners we have something to cater to all of our guests. For the complete novice, why not spend some time with our dive instructor in the pool to familiarize yourself with the equipment and procedures before you head out into the deep blue.

Surrounded by rocks and caverns Blue Zebra Island lodge is a diver’s paradise.  Divers can choose either to dive at one of the known sites suitable to their level of experience or can go out on exploration dives around the islands.

Divers will be dazzled by the vast array of aquatic life around the islands with some cichlids such as the Blue Zebra unique to Nankhoma Island. Divers also can expect to see large catfish and their huge crater like nests and the many colourful mouth brooders nursing their young.

The islands are also home to a number of otter families, so divers stand a chance of seeing them in action in their natural environment.

The Blue Zebra Dive Centre can cater for all levels of expertise, from experienced diver to the complete novice.Our infinity pool is a perfect place for new comers to familiarize them self with the equipment before venturing into the Lake. The fully equipped Dive Centre offers both leisure dives and PADI certification. The lodge’s High speed power boat makes Cape Maclear dive sites accessible to its guests. This dive excursion includes some tunnel dive sites and the world famous Zimbabwe rock which is rated the world’s second best fresh water dive site.