Nature Trails & Wildlife

Connect with nature as you wander Nankoma Island and soak in the enchanting natural beauty of this unspoiled paradise. Shoreline trail around the island is only 2.3km and more of a leisurely stroll, but steeper paths lead to the top where breath-taking panoramic views are worth the climb. 

At the crack of dawn you may be lucky to see the elusive Duiker and Bushbuck. Other wildlife include Tortoises, Chameleons camouflaged in trees, Monitor Lizards, Rainbow Skinks, Otters and thriving Birdlife. A few Bushbabies live on the island too, but they are nocturnal so you will only spot or hear them at night.

The islands have been evaluated as an ideal location for certain species to thrive without predators, as well as a safe haven for some rescued animals. All animals are protected and valued for their roles in the ecosystem.